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Men’s Health Brand Explores Sexy Code Among Couples in Cheeky Ad

Sometimes it all boils down to phrasing, and men's health advertising has tussled with this issue in the past. For men's wellness company Roman, a recent TV spot articulates healthy communication between loving partners as a critical step to working through erectile...

Here’s What You Need To Know About Data Privacy Day

You may or may not know, today is Data Privacy Day. Here's a short history of what it means and why it's celebrated. Get your party hats on. Not too long ago, polling in Europe reviewed how European citizens were less aware of their data-protection rights and weren't...

Snap, KR&I: Gen Z, Millennials Value Privacy But Don’t Feel They’re Getting Enough of It

Snap Inc. marked Data Privacy Day Friday (Jan. 28) with the release of research it commissioned from Kresnicka Research & Insights aimed at giving it a better understanding of how privacy influences online behavior among the Snapchat Generation--Generation Z and...